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A young woman wakes up in a room full of everything she's ever lost including a little boy, and while attempting to escape, discovers who the kid is and how he got there. Written by Pete Force and directed by Jeremy Santi.


Official selection at Fresno Film Fest, United Film Fest and finalist at the Shorts Film Festival. Shortlisted for Screen Australia's Short Film Completion Grant 2011.

Aphrodite's Farm

When a sheltered farm girl falls for an adventurous farmhand, the miraculous milk on Aphrodite's farm turns sour, and sacrifices must be made to fix it.


Story by Pete Force. Written by Pete Force & Adam Strange. Directed by Adam Strange.


New Zealand International Film Festival, 2009 'Best Short Film' Berlin Film Festival, L.A Shortsfest, Vladivostok International Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival.


Two vigilante flatmates take on a knicker thief. Written and directed in 48hrs by Pete Force as part of the New Zealand 48hr Film Fest.  Audience favorite and winner of best film by a debut team.

The Mystery of Derezny's Limp

A amnesiac chihuahua goes in search of the thug that gave him a limp and exacts his smelly revenge. Written by Pete Force and directed by Gary John.  A New Zealand 48hr Film Fest entry selected by Peter Jackson as his Wild Card favourite.

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